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Good Night Alive, a Macon, GA based band, has been writing and recording music since the start of 2014. What started as an indie electronic rock band of five has evolved over the years into a band with fewer members but with a much bigger sound. The self-titled EP did introduce songs like “Ride Or Die,” though, a song that the band still plays today. And while the catchy chorus of “Playing A Part,” another one of the band’s first songs, did get the attention of VH1’s Make A Band Famous competition, landing them a place in the Top 12, the band’s new sound is more than catchy—it’s unforgettable. Hits like “1991” and “Maybe” (songs off of Duplex, the band’s first full-length album) have all the makings of your next favorite anthem. In October of 2015 the band released their first music video for the song “Killing You Slow,” giving a nod to the cheesy, slasher films of the 80’s with images as haunting as the lyrics. Good Night Alive’s sound, as put by Chris Nylund of Field Note Stenographers, is “slap full of big choruses, heavy guitar hooks, and dynamics that draw you close with a soft and sweet melody only to drop a sonic DDT that would make Jake “the Snake” jump for joy.”

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